Upcoming Events

Artist Fellowship

CTK Somerville has an Artist Fellowship that meets the last Friday of the month (4/26) at 7:30pm in Somerville, and they’re inviting artists in all CTK congregations to join. The group is geared toward artists in any discipline who are looking for a place to share their work and benefit from conversation and exposure to other local artists. All types of artists welcome!  For more information, contact Bruce or Ruthie Buescher: btbuescher@gmail.com.

How to Study the Gospels

At the request of many who missed the workshop the first time, we’ll be repeating the How to Study the Gospels lecture/workshop taught by Catherine Cook and Nathan Barczi. It’s a class for anyone wishing to understand the four Gospels and their role in explaining God's plan for our redemption. All are invited! Leaders and Bible teachers at CTK are highly encouraged to come to benefit their own teaching ministries!  7:00-9:00 pm on Tuesday April 30th in the Fellowship Hall.  Snacks will be provided.  Please RSVP to Laura Martin.

Women's Conference

On Saturday, May 4 there is a Women As Forces For Gospel Advance Conference in Melrose, Massachusetts.  The conference is designed to help local churches inform, engage, and equip women to be holy and feminine forces for gospel advance.  The conference is sponsored by Kalos Conversations, Acts 29 Network, and Seven Miles Road Church.  This conference is designed for both men and women to attend.  Contact Laura Martin (lauraamartin87@gmail.com) if you are interested in registering with a CTK group.  You can also register individually.