Global Outreach

The entire Bible is about mission—God's mission to redeem a sinful humanity—from opening chords struck in the early chapters of Genesis throughout the entire canon, finding its perfect fulfillment and expression in the incarnation, earthly ministry, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. God has always been the God of the nations. That story continues to the last words of Scripture and continues into the present. 

God's people are still called to be connected to His Church locally, but ever pushing outward. While we delight to know of those places where Christians are maturing in the gospel and are thankful that we can be strengthened in the faith in that fellowship of believers, we also long and pray to see that same growth in places that have gone spiritually dormant.

CTK currently supports a number of missionaries around the world, and our hope is that we can provide a level of support that goes beyond financial: to pray and encourage these men and women who are on the frontier of Kingdom work. Our Overseas Partner Liaison is Miriam Kreher. She communicates with our partners in ministry overseas, receiving their correspondence, and delivering periodic updates to the congregation. If you have any questions about the missionaries we support or ways you can help, please contact Miriam!

Ministries Supported by CTK Cambridge

Dana & Sibongile Mahan (Pretoria, South Africa) Dana and Sibongile Mahan work with Ripe for Harvest World Outreach.  For over twelve years they have supported the efforts of indigenous initiatives that serve the cause of Christian education across Southern Africa.  The Mahan’s have two sons, Owethu and Tumelo.

Collin & Zury J. (West Africa)  Collin and Zury J. are MTW missionaries partnering with Reformed University Fellowship to establish the first RUF ministry on the African Continent. They will come alongside the national Presbyterian denomination to serve on a center city church planting team with the purpose of reaching students for Christ (particularly those from unreached people groups) and discipling them toward maturity.


Matt & Jenn Irvine (London, UK)  The Irvines live in the British South Asian neighborhoods of northwest London where Matt serves as a church planter and team leader alongside local national leaders and partners.  The Irvines and their partners seek to grow and multiply churches that live out and share the good news of Jesus in culturally understandable and meaningful ways.  Their sending organization is Serge, which was formerly called World Harvest Mission.  Matt and Jenn have three children.


Garrett & Kate Parker (Prague, Czech Republic) Both Garrett and Kate work at the Christian International School of Prague, and they have two young girls and one son.  Garrett works with the school’s athletics.  He teaches classes, leads training sessions, and is the coach for the school’s soccer team.  Kate works with the school's administration team. The family became connected with CTK Cambridge when they were back in the states in 2013-2014.


Ted & Carolyn Turnau (Prague, Czech Republic) The Turnaus work with the International Institute for Christian Studies in Prague.  Ted teaches courses at two universities in Prague, Anglo-American University and Charles University.  He also teaches Bible classes at the Christian International School of Prague.  Carolyn teaches middle and high school classes at the same school.


Hannah Nation (Cambridge, USA)  Hannah lives in Cambridge, MA, with her husband and daughter. The Nations have been members of CTK Cambridge since 2012. Hannah works for China Partnership as the Communications and Content Director. Her primary responsibilities are to inform CP’s partners and audience about the gospel renewal movement taking place in the Chinese house church and to lead a prayer initiative calling churches and individuals to pray daily for the Chinese church.