Pastors and Staff

Contact our pastors and staff by email below or by calling the church office at (617) 354-8341. Christ the King also has pastors and staff serving in our other congregations around the city. Please contact the individual congregations for more information.



Rev. Rick Downs


Rev. Nathan Barczi
Associate Pastor

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Rev. Jeremy Mullen
RUF College Pastor


Laura Bullock



Amanda Holley
Music Director


Dana Russell
Children's Director


Church Officers

The elders at Christ the King govern and give spiritual oversight to the church and deacons care for both the physical and spiritual needs of the people in the church. As a multi-congregational church, we have elders and deacons serving within our other congregations as well. Together all these elders and deacons comprise the officers of the church. Please contact the various congregations for more information.

Contact the elders by emailing or the deacons at


Rev. Rick Downs (Moderator)
Rev. Nathan Barczi
Nathan Carter
Tim Carter
Tyler Holley
Matthew Huskey
Leonard Layne
Greg Russell
Robert Sawyer
Matthew Sherrill (Clerk)
Jonathan Zivan


Ricky Hardy                                                                                              Matthew Hunter
Michael Poor                                                                                            Jeffrey Derr                                                                                              Nate Jackson                                                                                                Eric Kastelein                                                                                                Stephen Kottmann (Chair)

Deacon's Assistants

Erin Frey
Heather Hawkes
Sarah Stuntz
Rachel Thrasher                                                                                            Rosemary Boyle