Looking for a Nanny

The Schuman family from CTK Somerville is looking for a full-time nanny 4-5 days per week for their 7-month-old son when the mother returns to work full time on Feb 1st. They live in East Somerville--a 10 minute walk from the Sullivan square station. If you're excited about infant development with a sweet, serious, focused, and laidback baby, this could be the job for you! This job is a little different from a typical full-time nanny position because their son is experiencing some delays in his gross motor development due to an injury he experienced at birth. The right nanny for him would have an active and compassionate personality and be curious about and excited for the opportunity to learn hands on physical therapy activities that are integrated into his daily routine. For more information and details, email Caitlin Schuman.

International Housing Need

A PhD student from Germany is looking for roommates or a single apartment while he is working at the Boston Children's Hospital from June to December 2019.  He's a friendly fellow who enjoys sports (running, tennis, soccer), playing music (piano, charengo), and board games, and who would really love to share an apartment with fellow Christians.  If you know of any opportunities, please email basti_0000@web.de!

Artist Fellowship

CTK Somerville has an Artist Fellowship that meets the last Friday of the month (1/25) at 7:30pm in Somerville, and they’re inviting artists in all CTK congregations to join. The group is geared toward artists in any discipline who are looking for a place to share their work and benefit from conversation and exposure to other local artists. All types of artists welcome!  For more information, contact Bruce or Ruthie Buescher: btbuescher@gmail.com.

Adult Ed: Song of Songs

For Adult Education in January, join us for an introduction and overview of the Song of Songs. Counterbalancing the many cautions and commands in the Bible regarding illicit sex, this much debated book offers an energetic and positive view of sexual love as a good gift from God. We won’t understand the love of God for his people without it. This week’s passage will be Song of Songs 3:6-6:3. We invite you to bring your Bible.