Discovering CTK

A class for those interested in becoming a member, or learning more about our church and denomination (PCA). It is typically offered once in the fall (1 day a week for 6 weeks) and once in the spring (1 full-day class). It is taught by Rev. Rick Downs and Rev. Nathan Barczi. For more information or to sign up for the next class please email the Church Office.

Class Resources

Is the Bible Inerrant by John Frame

The Cross Diagram by World Harvest Mission

Are You and Orphan or a Child of God? by Dr. C. John Miller

Connect + Serve: a guide to getting involved by CTK Staff 

So What's Next? by CTK Staff

Weekly Lessons 

Week 1 by Rev. Rick Downs

Week 2 by Rev. Rick Downs

Week 3 by Rev. Rick Downs

Week 4 by Rev. Nathan Barczi

Week 5 by CTK Staff

Week 6 by Nathan Carter