teaching through the order of our worship service

Children are dismissed from the service to a time of teaching that aims to help children understand and more fully engage in worship (read our rationale).

* Lesson units cover each element of our service (e.g. Adoration, Confession, The Lord's Supper)

* The Story of Worship expresses worship as our conversation with God and is a teaching model that links the lesson units together.

* Children are grouped into an older and younger class with teaching tailored to each group.  

* Learning is reinforced through

Story (vignettes) -- help children relate God’s truths to their own lives.

Music -- children lift up their voices and become familiar with songs from our service that represent each part of worship

Art -- collaborative projects for each unit as a creative expression of worship

The two-year rotation of our curriculum allows the children to repeat each theme, covering it in greater depth the second time through. See the Story of Worship scope or the alternating year on I Believe: The Apostles' Creed.

View the gallery as a printable a PDF.


This curriculum is based on materials used by permission from Trinity Presbyterian Church (Charlottesville, VA) that were enhanced and substantially expanded at CTK.