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Text Font for all pages:  Community groups at Christ the King provide a context for people to know the gospel of Jesus Christ more deeply and personally. We do this in all kinds of ways--by sharing meals and socializing together, studying together, praying together, and serving together--all with hope of living life in light of the gospel. We do this in a localized context, encouraging people to join the groups that are closest to where they live, with the hopes that we can love, pray for and serve our neighborhoods faithfully. Everyone is welcome to join a community group, whether you are a member of Christ the King or not, a Christian or not. In our community groups, we are always striving to come to a fuller understanding of what it means to believe and live as a follower of Jesus Christ, so we look to our community groups as the perfect place to work out the implications of the gospel as we discuss our questions and struggles, and share our lives.

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