Dan Rogers

We are sad to announce Dan Roger’s resignation as pastor of CTK Dorchester. Dan made the announcement to the congregation in Dorchester last Sunday after their service. After several months of personal reflection and struggle, Dan decided, with the concurrence of the elders in Dorchester, to step away from his pastoral duties. It was also announced that Dan has acted with transparency, humility and integrity throughout these months. The elders have been apprised of his struggles all along. There has been no moral failing on Dan’s part or on the part of anyone concerned. Any questions you might have can be directed to any of the elders here. The leadership of the church care deeply for the Rogers family and seek to walk with them in the months to come. Accordingly, a vote to dissolve the pastoral relationship with Dan will be added to the docket at the congregational meeting on November 4. This is simply part of the constitutional process and will be explained at the meeting. Please pray for the Rogers family and for the congregation in Dorchester as they navigate a difficult time.