See What a Morning (Resurrection Hymn)

See What a Morning (Resurrection Hymn) (iTunes)
Words and Music by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty
From the album Sacraments and Seasons (Integrity Music)

Irish modern hymnwriters Stuart Townend and Keith Getty have collaborated on a number of powerful hymns that proclaim the truths of the Gospel through strong melodies that are suited well for congregational singing. This week I've included the writers' words on the origins of this resurrection hymn as they are included on

Keith: I wanted to write a triumphant melody, and as soon as i came up with this idea I heard 'Resurrection' -- a song that could be sung on Easter morning or at the beginning of a time of worship, which excites us to the truth that Christ is risen. Stuart and I have enjoyed writing story songs together, and we chatted and decided this would be a great melody for the Resurrection story.

Stuart: Keith sent me through this melody with some lyrical thematic ideas. I really wanted to convey the immediacy of the Easter morning experience, and how that morning changed history forever. The third verse is a response of praise as we realise the amazing consequence of Christ's resurrection for our lives, drawing us into relationship with the triune God.

The recording is by Keith's partner in life and, often, in hymnwriting, his wife, Kristyn Getty.