Behold the Lamb

Behold the Lamb (iTunes)
Words and Music by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend
From the album There Is a Hope (Integrity Music)

"Behold the Lamb" is a collaboration by modern hymnwriters Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend.  Keith and Stuart also worked together on numerous other songs, including, "In Christ Alone," "Across the Lands," and "The Power of the Cross." The Gettys were both born in Northern Ireland. Keith studied music starting at a young age, playing guitar, flute, and piano and gaining success as an orchestrator. Kristyn began singing as a teenager and earned a degree in English literature. Townend, born in West Yorkshire, also studied literature in college. All three have become leaders in modern hymnwriting and worship leading.

This week's hymn focuses on the theme of communion, with the first verse preparing singers for the Lord's Supper, the second and third verses centering around the bread and the wine, respectively, and the final verse being a response to the meal and an anticipation of the wedding feast of the Lamb.