How Firm a Foundation

How Firm a Foundation (iTunes)
Author of text unknown, Music by Joseph Funk
From the album At the Table (Ordinary Time)

"How Firm a Foundation" was first published by English Baptist minister, John Rippon (1751-1836), in 1787 in a collection known as A Selection of Hymns from the Best Authors, Intended to be an Appendix to Dr. Watts' Psalms and Hymns.  The author is listed only as "K," which could be Robert Keene, a member of Rippon's church, although other names have also been linked with the text.  The tune most affiliated with these lyrics was composed by Joseph Funk (1778-1862), an American music teacher, publisher, and composer and a member of the Mennonite church.  He included it in his publication A Compilation of Genuine Church Music in 1832.  The hymn reminds singers of God's promises which are found in his Word, specifically focusing on words from Isaiah 43:1-5.