Upcoming Events

Artist Fellowship

CTK Somerville’s Artist Fellowship will be meeting Friday, 8/23 at 7:30pm in Somerville, and they’re inviting artists in all CTK congregations to join. The group is geared toward artists in any discipline who are looking for a place to share their work and benefit from conversation and exposure to other local artists. All types of artists welcome!  For more information, visit ctksomerville.com/groups or contact Aseneth Castaneda.

Women's Ministry Book Club

Women’s Ministry is hosting a summer book group to read through C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy.  There will be three meetings throughout the summer, with each meeting discussing one of the books.  The final meeting to discuss That Hideous Strength will be at 7pm on Wednesday August 28 at Amanda Holley’s home.   Contact Laura.a.martin87@gmail.com for details. Happy summer reading!