Volunteer Opportunity

The Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Boston cares for patients who can no longer live at home and need long-term chronic care in a hospital setting, many of whom are in the advanced stages of a long-term illness and are approaching the end of life. The Hebrew Rehab Center is looking for Compassionate Care Volunteers to provide additional one-on-one comfort and support. Volunteers can make a difference in a patient’s life in just an hour per week, with the gift of companionship, reading, listening to music, conversing, looking at photographs or just offering a hand to hold—it can make a world of difference! Volunteer training classes will begin in September! If you’re interested in this opportunity, please contact Michelle Perry. Please note, the Hebrew Rehab Center is not affiliated with CTK in any way, but reached out to several groups in the community to find volunteers for their program. If you’d like to coordinate volunteering with other CTK members, email Laura Bullock.