Glynn Harrison Class

Resources from Glynn Harrison’s Adult Ed Class:

Resources from Glynn:

  • ‘Living Out’ A new Christian Resource on SSA,

  • Keller, T (2011) The Meaning of Marriage. Hodder and Stoughton

  • See Preston Sprinkle: the Centre for Faith and Sexuality for a set of downloadable articles and resources

  • Grant, J (2016) Divine Sex. Brazos Press

  • Alberry, Sam (2013) Is God Anti-Gay?. Good Book Company

  • Shaw, E (2017) Same-Sex attraction and the Church. IVP

  • Roberts, V. (2017) Transgender. Good Book Company

  • Walker, A. (2018) God and the Transgender Debate. Good Book Company

  • Hill, Wes (2013) Washed and Waiting. IVP

Resources from Rick/Staff/PCA:

  • Butterfield, Rosaria (2015) Openness Unhindered. Crown & Covenant

  • Cook, Beckett (2019) A Change of Affection. Nelson

  • God’s Design for Sex Series. Nav Press

  • Yagel, Gary (2018) Anchoring Your Child to God's Truth in a Gender-Confused Culture. CDM (PCA)

  • Geiger, Tim (2018) Explaining LGBTQ+ Identity to Your Child. New Growth Press

  • Other resources from the PCA Bookstore