This class is up front about the way that our sins as humans get in the way of relationships, and ways that God can heal that brokenness through his Word and his Spirit.  While each class focuses on a different relationship (some in the workplace, some in the home, some between friends) the spiritual dynamics that underlie them all will be an important focus.  We also ask why God has placed us in these relationships, and look for answers that are both temporal (for particular blessing or sanctification now) and eternal (for revealing Himself to us and glorifying Himself through our relationships).

Week One Slides - 4/23/17

Week Two Slides - LOVE AND THE LAW - 4/30/17

Week Three Slides, Part 1 - FRIENDSHIP - 5/7/17

Week Three Slides, Part 2 - FRIENDSHIP - 5/7/17

Week Four Slides - WORK - 5/14/17

Week Five Slides - ROMANCE - 5/21/17

Week Six Slides - CHILDREN 5/28/17

Week Seven Slides - PARENTS 6/4/17