Being Human

In this class we develop a biblical and theological understanding of what it means to be human, with application to many of the ethical questions covered in our summer “hot topics” series. We explore how complex issues of identity, desire, and vocation are drawn together and addressed in the Christian doctrines of creation, incarnation, resurrection, and the image of God.

Ecce Homo | Incarnation PDF
           The meaning of embodied existence

Creatio ex Nihilo | The Meaning of Creation PDF
            Gratitude, Boredom, and Technology

Homo Adorans | The Chief End of Man PDF
            Worship, Beauty, and Desire

For more on temple imagery from Genesis to Revelation, discussed in week three, see Gregory Beale’s article, “Eden, the Temple, and the Church’s Mission in the New Creation."

Imago Dei 1 | Humanity as Representative of God PDF
            Vocation, Work, and Rest

Imago Dei 2 | Humanity as Representational of God PDF
            Sex, Marriage, and Friendship

Resurrection PDF
            Politics and Loving the City without Fear