This class is up front about the way that our sins as humans get in the way of relationships, and ways that God can heal that brokenness through his Word and his Spirit.  While each class focuses on a different relationship (some in the workplace, some in the home, some between friends) the spiritual dynamics that underlie them all will be an important focus.  We also ask why God has placed us in these relationships, and look for answers that are both temporal (for particular blessing or sanctification now) and eternal (for revealing Himself to us and glorifying Himself through our relationships).

I’m a Stranger Here Myself: A Study of 1 Peter

What does it mean to be faithful to the mission that Jesus gave the church from the margins? Peter’s first letter was written to Christians whose new faith cut them off from power and exposed them to persecution.  He calls them not to guard their rights, but to ground all their hope in the reality of what God has done and will yet do in Christ.  In this study we will consider the what this short letter has to say to our church, facing similar circumstances, but with the same mission, and the same hope.

The Temple and the Presence of God

Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem was the center of Israel’s worship, and the physical location where God made his presence known to his people. Does the Temple still hold relevance for the Church? Join us as we explore the significance of the Temple for the people of God, through both the Old and New Testaments, with the aim of deepening our understanding and enjoyment of God’s presence with us today. 

I Believe in God: The Apostles’ Creed.

For centuries, Christians have recited the Apostles’ Creed as a basic summary of the faith.  It may be familiar -  but do we understand it?  In this course we explore the truths, basic and yet incredible, that have united Christians throughout the history of the church.  This course also coincides with the second year of our new children’s worship curriculum, which is also based on the Apostles’ Creed. 

Being Human

In this class we develop a biblical and theological understanding of what it means to be human, with application to many of the ethical questions covered in our summer “hot topics” series. We explore how complex issues of identity, desire, and vocation are drawn together and addressed in the Christian doctrines of creation, incarnation, resurrection, and the image of God.

When Helping Hurts

God calls us to be merciful and to care for the poor, but what does that look like in our church? Join the Deacons as we explore our vision for our church’s deacon’s ministry, including some exciting new opportunities to love and serve our community. We will be using the book When Helping Hurts to guide our discussion.


What should a Christian’s life look like? It’s an important question if you’re exploring the Christian faith, and it’s an essential concern if you already believe. Too often personal transformation is treated as a private pursuit of boring drudgery. But we will explore the offer of freedom and fullness that God gives in Christ by the Spirit.