Following the lead of the Bible and the tradition of the church, our worship is centered on Word and sacrament. Both the sermon and the administration of the Lord’s Supper are central to what we do on Sunday. The sermon is always an exposition of a Scripture passage and the Supper is observed with proper professions of faith and gratitude. In addition, again following Scripture and the great tradition, we include elements of singing, confessing, giving and praying when we get together.

While we connect ourselves with the ancient history of the church in our worship, we also desire that it be very much in our own language. We hope our worship is vital and meaningful. We’re not formal in our dress or demeanor. We are sensitive both to God’s having ordained leaders in the church and the essential equality of all as we worship and serve. We also hope that we’re as welcoming as can be to all who would gather with us.



Sunday Schedule

8:45 am - Adult Education & Children's Sunday School

10:00 am - Worship Service (Children's Worship & Nursery)

10:30 am - Japanese Fellowship

11:30 am - Fellowship time (following the service)

12:00 pm - Worship Service in Portuguese